Power flushing is the process of removing any rust, sludge or debris that will have accumulated within your central heating system. The result of a ‘power flush’ will re-establish a clear circulation of water and ultimately improve the performance of both your boiler and radiators.

One of our qualified heating engineers can perform a power flush by utilising a machine that rapidly introduces cleansing chemicals to your system. This includes a sludge breaker, descaler and corrosion inhibitor. We have the hardware to service all types of property from domestic to light commercial buildings.

Once complete, regular servicing of all parts of your central heating will help ensure optimum performance and a trouble free operation.

Power flushing – the benefits

  • Reduce risk of experiencing a breakdown
  • Increase efficiency of your whole system
  • Expand the lifespan of all components
  • Reduce noisy pipework or ‘kettling’

Central Heating Thermal Imaging Technology

At Topline Plumbing and Gas we have access to the latest thermal imaging technology to identify any potential blockages and run general diagnostic checks on your heating system. The use of thermal imaging removes the need for time consuming and needless guess work which will only add further disruption and costs to your service.

Our thermal imaging cameras can also be used to assess the overall heat efficiency of your household. We can identify and show you where your house is losing heat and discuss improvements to your insulation.

thermal imaging
house thermal imaging

Magnetic Boiler Filters

As boilers and heating pipework are largely made of metal that encounters lots of water they can experience a build-up of rust. For long term peace of mind we can prevent this by introducing a magnetic boiler filter which works to trap any sludge as it’s created – preventing it from reaching your boiler. The sludge or magnetite is the black almost mud-like substance which you can find building up in any heating pipework.

power flushing

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Any well-established central heating system can experience faults and blockages, and whether yours requires a power flush or not our engineers have to tools and knowledge to find the best solution.

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